STEAM After-School Program




The C3 STEAM After School program provides an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum for kids to cultivate their interest, expand their knowledge, and increase their skills in in the critical areas of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART & MATH.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than half of the fastest growing occupations will require substantial mathematics or science preparation. This makes learning these skills critical and yet recent studies suggest not enough time is devoted to science during school hours. The C3 STEAM After-School program bridges this gap by providing fun curriculum for kids to explore science and start down the path toward high paying STEAM careers. Kids participation in the C3 STEAM Program prepares them for a bright future.


The After-School Program has been carefully crafted by school teachers, education professionals and the mobile teachers that understand kids’ interests and aptitudes. The program covers the standard STEAM topics but goes a step further by having students engage in fun experiments and creative projects on a regular basis.

In addition, students apply concepts in digital mediums, so they gain impressive computer skills. Kids that attend the program will be able to do some amazing things - including create their own video games, lego robots, live animation, and more. At the same time that they are developing these 21st century skills, they’ll be developing other equally important skills including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.




The Science program teaches a variety of science topics including, but not limited to: geology, astronomy, mechanical engineering & biology. Kids will use critical analytical thinking and math reasoning; they will practice higher order of thinking;they will be introduced to flexible and adaptive thinking, and will use hands on learning to accomplish their goals.

Some of the many fun projects include:

  • Building an edible heart
  • DNA strands project
  • Bottle rockets
  • Hot air balloons
  • Detective fossils
  • Making rock candy
  • Making ice cream
  • Making homemade cookie dough

The Technology Program will consist of two programming courses, one for each age group. 

The Programming Course for Ages 6-9 is for students that want to learn coding knowledge and gain simple experience in coding. Students age 6-9 will learn specific coding methodologies by experimenting with GUI coding languages in special problem solving situations. They will also learn simple conditional statements and logical control flow which can be applied to real time programming problems. 

In the Programming Course for Ages 10-14, students will learn advanced programming concepts and get experience programming games. The course will cover high school and college level topics in an understandable and reasonable manner for middle schoolers.  The course covers the basics of Object Oriented Programming design and programming concepts.

Some of our projects include: 

  •  Object Oriented Programming
  • Minecraft Modding
  • Encapsulation 
  • Debugging 
  • API Implementation 


In the Engineering Program, students will develop a fundamental understanding of programming, engineering, and design. The program will have two tracks, one for each age group. 

Students ages 6-9 will be introduced to projects in which they will build a simple structure (such as lego animals or a man) and program some simple commands to provide movement to the structure. Some of the projects for this age group include: 

  • WeDo kits
  • Electronic LittleBits

Students ages 10-14 will have the opportunity to gain familiarity with more advanced projects, many of which involve using sensors (light, touch, and distance) to enable the robot to interact with its surroundings: 

  • The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Kit
  • Drone Flight and Mechanics
  • Raspberry Pi Programming

Robotics and engineering is challenging yet rewarding. Different students will be at different paces. However, every student will develop the ability to think for him or herself as they work through and solve problems. In addition to learning, doing projects will allow and encourage students to think through and develop solutions. These hands on projects enhance and reinforce learning as students that observe what their robots do are better able to summarize and explain what they learned. Some projects will be completed in groups, which will develop teamwork skills as students work together towards a common goal. 

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a Robotics Competition. By structuring an engineering challenge as a competition, we hope to increase kids self-motivation and STEAM learning. In the process, they will gain valuable engineering skills as well as life skills including leadership, team building, communication, perseverance, project management, problem solving and critical thinking skills. 







In the Digital Media and Art, your child can explore their artistic side!  Art is more than just beauty -- it can open a child's mind to creative problem solving, and show the fun side of Science or Math.  

Through fun weekly projects, students will learn valuable skills, both concerning art, and relating to other STEM concepts.

Some of our art projects include: 

  • Using Math to Make Lifesize Minecraft characters
  • Exploring Photoshop and Animation Software
  • Experimenting with Light Refraction 
  • Building Your Own 
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • 3D Programming using KODU
  • Building Websites using HTML
  • iOs & Android Game Designing 






It’s easy for a struggling student to get lost in a big classroom, especially in a tough subject like math. To help students get the personal attention they need to thrive in today’s competitive educational environment, C3 Cyber Club now offers mathematics tutoring for students of all ages.

Our math tutoring has three goals:
-Prepare students for exams
-Establish a strong foundation for future learning
-Reignite a passion for math in struggling students

The MATH Program has been developed by math teachers and experts. It builds students' fundamental math knowledge so that they can meet or exceed Virginia’s mathematical standards, some of the highest math standards in the United States. The program enables students to score well on the Mathematics Standard of Learning test that Virginia students must take annually.

Students who enroll in the MATH program will start by taking a pre-assessment test for their grade level to identify math weaknesses and strengths. Parents will receive a report with this information. We will customize the program to address each student’s specific learning difficulties by providing lessons and worksheets that build their math skills in those specific areas.  Students will have lessons in small groups, learning topics they haven’t been taught yet in their grade level and higher grade levels. Parents will receive updates on their student’s progress throughout the program.


This customized program insures students make significant progress in a short amount of time. The program makes the most of students' math study time by focusing on learning difficulties and by limiting tutoring session to 1 hour, the maximum attention span for most students. Trained instructors assist students with math exercises and help guide them through the problem solving process. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is well prepared for annual testing.

One hour of Math Tutoring per week is included in the regular STEAM program. Members can purchase additional hours, please inquire for pricing.

NOTE to NonMembers: MATH Tutoring is available to students not enrolled in the After-School Program. Please inquire for pricing.




C3 Cyber Club's academic focus is balanced by recreational time after class in the form of video games, arts & crafts projects, and physical fitness. Our teachers have found students don’t want to focus for more than an hour in most cases. So we offer kids a couple of options to enjoy once class is dismissed. We have more than 40 networked gaming computers for access to hundreds of the  latest age appropriate games for systems such as XBOX 360 and Wii. Kids love the variety of video games they can choose from. And they appreciate when they can take a break and participate in the weekly creative arts & crafts projects our After-School Counselors provide.



Every Friday, kids will have the option of participating in a fun 45 minute workout. C3 Cyber Club is partnering with HighBar Athletics to get kids moving and physically fit in a fun, energetic environment. (A Highbar Athletics coach will escort children back and forth from C3 Cyber Club for workout, as we are located in the same building complex).

Highbar Athletics uses creative training tactics to help kids develop strength, agility, coordination, body control, speed and more.  Highbar’s athletics program is scientifically created to capitalize on children's physiological and cognitive development  according to their stage of personal and athletic development.  

For more information about HighBar Athletics, click here

Add-on Physical Fitness Program (Ages 8 - 13): 
Fridays, 4:00 to 4:50
$69 per month for 4 times per month






We provide transportation to the schools below. If you don't see your school give us a call 703-729-0985.


  • Ashburn Elementary 
  • Creightons Corner Elementary
  • Hillside Elementary
  • Mill Run Elementary
  • Rosa Lee Carter Elementary
  • Stone Hill Middle School
  • Eagle Ridge Middle School
  • Belmont Station Elementary
  • Dominion Trail Elementary
  • Legacy Elementary
  • Newton Lee Elementary
  • Sanders Corner Elementary
  • Farmwell Middle School
  • Moorfield Station                   




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2:30pm - 3:00pm Pick Up
3:00pm - 3:30pm Snack / Free Time
3:30pm - 4:30pm  Science
(Ages 6-9)
(Ages 6-9)
Robotics & Engineering
(Ages 6-9)
Digital Media & Art
(Ages 6-9)
Free Day

3:30pm - 4:30pm 

Homework Help

(Ages 10-14)

Homework Help

(Ages 10-14)


Homework Help

(Ages 10-14)

 Homework Help

(Ages 10-14)

 Physical Fitness

(Ages 8-13)

4:00 to 4:50

4:30pm - 5:30pm    Science
(Ages 10-14)
(Ages 10-14)
Robotics & Engineering
(Ages 10-14)
Digital Media & Art
(Ages 10-14)
Free Day

4:30pm - 5:30pm  

Homework Help

(Ages 6-9)


 Homework Help

(Ages 6-9)

Homework Help

(Ages 6-9) 

Homework Help

(Ages 6-9) 

4:30pm - 5:30pm  

MATH Tutoring

(Ages 6-9)


MATH Tutoring

(Ages 6-9)


5:30pm - 6:30 pm    MATH Tutoring
(Ages 10-14)
  MATH Tutoring
(Ages 10-14) 
5:30pm - 6:30pm/
Parent Pick-Up Parent Pick-Up Parent Pick-Up Parent Pick-Up Parent Pick-Up
MATH Tutoring

  MATH Tutoring

MATH Tutoring


          NOTE: C3 reserves the right to alter class topics or dates due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.






After School Program 2016

Registration Fee: $50


School-Year contract*

6-Month contract*

1-Month contract*

1 day / week

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5 days / week


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*Billing occurs every 4 weeks. Specific dates for billing are provided in the online registration module. 

Days of the week correspond to Science, Technology, Engineering and Art Tracks. 

One hour per week of Math Tutoring is included in the STEAM program. After school students may purchase 4 - 8 more hours of math tutoring at discounted prices. Please inquire for details.

The Physical Fitness program (Ages 8-13) is available as an add-on to the STEAM program. It will be 45 minutes of exercise by Highbar Athletics on Friday from 4:00 to 4:50, 4 times per month. Cost is $69/month.

All fees are paid monthly. Contracts DO NOT require a lump sum payment up front. Discounts reflected in the table above are given to customers that sign contracts for longer periods.




Register today and only pay for the first week (plus $50 registration fee) - No contract obligation! You can have your child try the program for one week before signing up for one of the contract terms.


$150 OFF
New Customers Only
Did we mention that you can also get $150 off your first contract month? Sign up today, limited time offer. Not valid with any other discount offers.

New Customers Only
Still on the fence? Sign up today and get 2 days FREE. Just call us to sign up. No fee, no contract. We won’t bill you until you come in for your 3rd day, when we’ll set up your contract plan. Sign up today - offer valid until Monday, August 26, 2016. Not valid with any other discount offers.




C3 Cyber Club is an established business that has been providing computer classes to kids for more than 10 years. You could say we have teaching youth down to a science.

Here are some of the features that make our Afterschool STEAM Program the best:

A personalized learning plan

We take the time to meet with parents at the start of the program, either in person or over the phone, to understand students’ interests and aptitudes. We explain and recommend specific tracks to ensure students have a rewarding learning experience.

Small class sizes

Kids get the personal attention they need in our classes. Our maximum class size is 12.

Creative projects that deepen knowledge

Regular projects that are part of the coursework for the SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and ART areas increase understanding as students apply concepts.

Digital projects where students gain impressive computer skills

Students who complete the program will be able to do some amazing things - including create their own video games, lego robots, live animation, and more.

Quality instructors

Instructors are hand selected and thoroughly trained for each course so as to provide optimal learning experience for students.

Parents Stay Informed

We'll keep you up to date on your child's learning in a number of ways. We send a monthly email with an overview of each month's projects, upcoming events, and all new things happening at C3. We host a Winter and an end of School Open House where kids share their portfolio of projects. Parents can also 'Like' our Facebook Page to see photos of their kids, get seasonal and special offers, and learn about other exciting events.