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C3 Cyber Club After School program Balances Academic Enrichment and fun,
so both parents and kids are happy!

C3 Cyber Club is a one-stop shop for all of your child’s after-school needs including homework help, computer classes, gymnastics, dancing, crossfit, and  creative activities that draw on your child’s imagination. You don’t want a babysitter, but an After-school program that keeps your child engaged, active, and entertained and we’re here to help you with that. Not only does C3 provides supplemental academic enrichment for children in
grades K-8, but also gives your child a chance to unwind after a long school day. Each day starts with a snack and a free play, but then we get right to work!

 At C3, children don’t just do their homework. Our trained staff work with students to achieve and surpass educational benchmarks and challenge them to expand their minds. We work with your child and study the same material they are learning at school. We give them the opportunity to review information so they are confident when they return to the classroom. We want children to understand the importance of academics and provide a foundation that encourages strong study skills that they can use as they grow older.

Why Choose C3?

With so many things to do, your child can never claim to be “bored.” C3 Cyber Club has created an environment for kids of all ages to learn, explore, and express themselves through various types of activities. C3 is your one stop shop for a wide variety of activities, and will escort your child to partner locations, so you don't have to be a taxi cab! Most importantly, C3  take care of all your child’s homework needs so they are done by family dinner time. Not a bad way to end a busy day!


Sample Activities Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Snack/ Free Time

Snack/ Free Time


Snack/ Free Time 

Snack/ Free Time


Snack/ Free Time!

3:45p-4:30p Homework   Homework Homework  Homework  Game Time 

Computer Class



Computer Class


Martial Arts 



Computer Class




Computer Class





(Boys Only)

Martial Arts



(Girls Only) 


Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Making Homework a Priority Early On

afterschool homeworkC3 Cyber Club recognizes that your child’s academic success is most important to their development. We not only make sure their homework is completed by the time you pick them up we help your child to understand the material and feel confident about it when they return to class the next day. We remove all distraction from our homework center so kids have a quiet environment to focus on their work. We maintain a low teacher/student ratio so your child receives the attention they need.

By the time you pick up your child, all you have to worry about is
settling in for the evening. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your
child’s work is done correctly and he or she is ready to start a new
school day first thing in the morning.

Relaxation and Fun – Choose Your Club

Once the homework is done, the fun starts! At C3, students meet others who share their interests and can also discover new hobbies they enjoy. Children can participate in a variety of activities: they can create their own music videos in the Music and Drama Club, paint a masterpiece during Arts and Crafts, start a table-top volcano or concoct a new potion in Science Club, or fight for glory in a dodgeball tournament organized by our counselors. Counselors can even help kids organize their own clubs around the card games and toys they love like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Beyblades. Children can also enjoy a little downtime in our video gaming center where they can play the latest Xbox, Wii, and PC games with their friends.

advance kids computer classes

 Advance Kids Computer Classes

We also offer state-of-the art computer and design classes designed by C3. You won’t find classes like these anywhere else! If your child loves video games, we can teach them how to create your OWN video games using Sandbox Platinum Arts and Unreal. They can also build their own Lego robot and compete in a robot battle or put their acting skills to the test in our Film Making class. Fun and challenging, there’s a computer class for everyone at C3!

C3 Cyber Club After-School Class Schedule



Grade K - 2nd

Grade 3rd - 8th



4:30pm - 5:00pm

5:00pm - 5:30pm


9/9 - 10/21*

Intro to Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Modding & Game Programming


10/23 - 12/9*

Cartoon Animation

Micorsoft Office Basics


1/6 - 2/19*

Jr. Photoshop

Photoshop Design


2/24- 4/7*

Jr. Film Making



4/21 - 6/2* Jr. Kudo Game Design

Kudo Game Design

martial arts

 MartialArts (Al-Azhar-USA at C3CyberClub)

Instead of bussing your child around Northern Virginia to their next activity, let us do it for you. At our facility, your child can be a part of our Martial Arts program provided through Al-Azhar-USA Branch. Our instructors are trained in the style of Pencak Silat, a popular form of Indonesian Martial Arts. Students practice discipline and gain confidence as they learn advanced self-defense techniques with accomplished instructors. For more information about Pencak Silat, you can visit their website

gymnastics  Gymnastics (at NVGA in Ashburn)

Maybe your bundle of energy wants the chance to flip and fly? Then join NVGA for Gymnastics class! An established institution in the Dulles area for over 25 years, NVGA offers classes for all levels of gymnasts: your child can begin with the basics or can expand their skill set if they’re already a tumbling pro. A C3 Staff member escorts your child to and from their lessons to NVGA’s large facility, located in our Cape Court/Beaumeade Circle complex. For more information about NVGA, visit their website at gymnastics picture


dancing  Dance (at Creative Dance Center in Ashburn)

We also have something for your big dancers: Thursdays/Fridays are Dance Days at C3! A C3 Staff member takes your child to and from your child’s Hip Hop and Jazz class each Tuesday/Friday afternoon at the Creative Dance Center. Students learn the basics of modern jazz and hip hop dance and prepare for a spectacular show at the end of the year. Thursday class is only for boys ages 8-10 with fabulous hip-hop dancer Mr. Mon. Friday class is only for girls ages 8-11. Both classes are offered once per week.

Sign-up for the dance classes will be held separately from C3. Please, follow the link to sign up for a dance class

For more information, visit the Creative Dance Center’s website at

girl dancing

 Gaming Center


After a long school day and an hour of homework, kids need a break to unwind from their busy schedule. That’s why we start and end our program with free time in our state-of-the-art video gaming center. Kids have fun playing the latest Wii, Xbox, and PC games and are given the chance to socialize and make new friends. They can play Dance Central 4 or rock out to Guitar Hero on the projection screen or challenge their friends to a round of Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart while keeping comfy in our cushy gaming chairs. Counselors also engage students in competitions and tournaments to encourage friendly game play with one another and to keep students from staring mindlessly at the screen for hours at a time. There are 3 air hockey tables in the gaming area too, so kids can get up and move around. The Gaming Center gives your kids a nice afternoon break so they can enjoy quality time with the family once you get home.

after school gaming 


All additional activities are scheduled from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm each day.

All Programs include twice per week Computer Class.


(Based on one Add-on Activities)


Martial Arts

Tuesday and Friday

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Tuesday and Thursday

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Hip - Hop/Jazz for Boys*

(Ages 8-10)

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Hip - Hop/Jazz for Girls*

(Ages 8-11)


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

*For the dance classes students’ pick up will be at 6:30pm from Creative Dance Center.



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    Click here to register (Print, email or fill out the form and fax to 703-729-0987) or, you can register your young learner today at 703-729-0985.  Click Here for a Brochure. Feel free to give us a call if you have a question about registration, transportation, cost, a facility tour or any of our activities or programs.