Computer Classes at C3


C3 is preparing the next generation of web developers, engineers, software designers, game designers & filmmakers! Our cutting edge classes provide kids in depth knowledge of the topic of their choice so they finish with knowledge, skills, confidence & tangible results - their very own digital creations. Kids receive personal attention in small classes from teachers who undergo software specific training. We set your child up to succeed so they have positive experiences in areas of interest, which can turn into future careers.


You have two Computer Class tracks to choose from:




Weekday Afternoons and Evenings

  • More sessions per class for more learning
    (12 sessions, 1 hr/session)
  • Categories are a series of classes for ongoing, themed learning
  • Kids learn advanced skills in programming, engineering & robotics

Saturdays and Sundays

  • Shorter classes for less commitment 
    (6 sessions, 1 hr/session)
  • Sign up for NEW classes individually
  • Great for introducing kids to computer classes


3 Categories to Choose From


Classes to Choose From Include


      Programming & App Development

  Robotics & Engineering

   Digital Media & Arts
  • NEW- Drone Flight and Mechanics

  • Lego Robotics EV3 Vehicles

  • Minecraft Modding & Game Programming
  • Game Development & Level Design
    & Many More!